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Stereo AUX repair

I have recently bought Chevy Malibu LT 2012 and it has issues with Stereo AUX. I have factory installed stereo. When I plug in the AUX cable, I will have to hold the cable it so that music should come through all the speakers. if the cable is loose, either it come through left or right speaker or many times its doesn’t come through either of the speakers.
How can I repair it?? I have seen lots of videos on YouTube for removing it the factory stereo itself, but no one has provided any video to repair it?
can I get a new one and how much it will cost, to the fact I am aware of if I go to Chevy dealership they will charge me more…
can I install any other brand new stereo (Sony, JBL, etc), which can also keep all my factory setting intact.
Please suggest.

Replace the stereo head.

If you’ve been in the music industry long enough, you know if the problem is with the jack within the amplifier, or the cable.


Thx man!!!, It’s the AUX jack which has the problem and not the cable.
any sites are you aware where I can find the stereo head?

Crutchfield is the place I use. You can find a match for your car, and they have the adapter cable and instructions.

Thank you, really appreciate.
They might also have USB adapter for Chevy Malibu LT 2012.Because my car didn’t come with it and since my AUX is bad, I am considering adding USB adapter.

I am assuming you have tried different cables when you say it is not the cable.

Where does the USB adapter go? If it is in the same AUX input that is already bad, then I think you are going to have the same issues.

I am not sure what the set up for a Malibu is, but check on on you special make/model/trim and see what stereos fit, Another option is to buy OEM stereo from junkyard or ebay, which could still be defective.

Soldering the AUX connections from inside is an easy job, getting to them is PITA. Might also want to stop by a stereo shop.

Thank you Galant, I hope that’s what your name is. I am sorry if it is not.
Actually I don’t have USB port at all in my Malibu 2012. just AUX and even that is bad. Yes, I did tried different cables.
And I am planning for this “USB Android Interface iPod AUX for Chevrolet” here is the link from Ebay.

But again this looks costly to me, not sure though.
Yes, soldering would be really good option but since I am new here, I don’t have soldering gun and other things.

I highly recommend USB. Thousands of tracks on an inexpensive 8GB drive. I like random mode which simulates radio without the obnoxious commercials. My 2010 Kia has AM/FM, CD, mp3s on CD, Ipod, or USB. It came with SIRIUS but it tended to cut out in heavily wooded areas where FM worked fine and was quite expensive so I cancelled.

Yes, Even I am planning to go for USB adaptor or If I get a used stereo from Ebay with USB in it that would be great.
THANK YOU ALL!!! for your comments & suggestions.
This really helped me to choose what I should go for.

It’s the AUX jack which has the problem and not the cable.

You absolutely sure about that? Not all miniplugs are the same length. If you’re using a mono plug, it’s conceivable that you’d encounter this problem. An internally broken wire near the plug head can be undetectable visually but cause these problems.

Swap with a known-working cable and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, then it’s the jack.

If you get a new one, get one that has an aux jack, USB, and bluetooth. It’s much nicer to get in your car and have the stereo connect to your phone and start playing music without having to find and plug in a wire.

Actually i have tested it by different Aux cables and even when i was buying this car seller specifically told me that there is a issue with AUX from inside.
I am trying to get the stereo head from Ebay with USB in it. Just trying to get right tools to remove the stereo from Malibu.
Appreciate all your suggestions.

I would still buy some aftermarket stereo from crutchfield, if there is one that fits you car and needs. They send you the instructions on how to take your radio off, all connections/etc. And you get a brand new unit.