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Can a 12 pin to aux work from a cd changer port?

I want to have an aux port in my car, which is a 2001 chevy malibu, but it doesn’t have a port. It has a cd/aux button on the center console. Looking a pictures from the exact same stereo, there is a 12 pin header input on the back for a cd changer. Would this 12 pin to aux work correctly when connecting a phone? Link to amazon

In this video the guy is using a larger adapter

Do I need an adapter like shown in the video or could the 12 pin to aux work also?

If there’s not a good local shop, I’d contact for advice.

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Under product details on the Amazon site, it says this:

If you are not sure of your car model or technical issues, you can feel free to contact us.

Why not go directly to the source and ask them if it will work for your particular set of conditions?

I was looking at a few of these and must have missed that. I’ll try it.