Steering wheel winds as vehicle comes to a stop

I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza, 40k miles, 5 speed manual that beyond the following problem is in good running order. While driving at low speeds the steering wheel winds completely to the left if you do not apply any torque to the steering wheel. If you put any amount of torque on the steering wheel it will track straight with the steering wheel correctly facing 12 o’clock. There does not appear to be any other problems with the steering other than the wheel trying to wind itself. No noises, no extra difficulty turning the wheel, no wandering, no codes. It’s almost as if the car thinks that ‘straight’ is full lock left and continues to unwind the wheel to that direction when no torque is applied to the wheel. I had the vehicle aligned, there does not appear to be any obvious damage to major steering components. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this problem before?

A fuse, a bad ground, a loose cable? This seems like an unusual failure mode for a power steering control module. I can’t seem to find any posts on any forum that have encountered a similar problem. Thanks for any help you can provide!

There may be a problem with the steering wheel position sensor.,2013,impreza,2.0l+h4,1504984,steering,steering+wheel+position+sensor,13497