Steering wheel shakes upon acceleration. subaru impreza

Whenever I am driving my Subaru Impreza, the steering wheel shakes above 60mph and is a violent shake at 65mph making it unbearably frustrating to drive to school each day. Recently I had slipped on ice and hit a curb with the tires on the right side of the car. I took it to a shop to get the rims looked at, and ended up replacing the back right. The mechanic said nothing about the front one however. My question to you is; could it be that the front rim is also bent? Or that it could just be a buildup of ice. It is cold here, snows often and is never above 20F. Any Ideas? Anyone?

Start easy. A wheel is either out balance because of missing wheel weight OR build up of snow/ice.

You need to have the wheel balance and alignment checked (all four). One or both is off.

It’s also possible you have some suspension damage, but an alignment check will help determine if that’s the case.

A bent wheel is also possible. Why was the rear wheel replaced?

When I brought it in, the guy said that the rear wheel was really bent from the crash into the curb. So I replaced that.

An impact hard enough to bend a wheel is sufficient to cause other damage. I suggest you have the suspension and the other wheels checked, and make sure the wheel alignment is OK.