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2015 Subaru Impreza Wagon - Pulls hard left

I don’t know where to go with this comment about the power steering in my 2015 Subaru Impreza.

A few months ago it started pulling very hard to the left. It would only happen after making a sharp right turn. My mechanic diagnosed it as a faulty sensor in the electric power steering, and the only repair would be to replace the entire steering rack. As this would be expensive, the car wasn’t long out of warrantee, AND because he had seen this EXACT problem in other similar vintage Subarus, he sent me to the dealer.

The dealer/factory was great… they covered most of the cost, and I’m very pleased (yes, I LOVE my Subaru… not sure why anyone who lives in a snowy climate would but anything else!).

My question is this:

As this may be a reasonably common problem (caused by faulty design or assembly?), how are issues like this tracked? How can someone know if their problem is unique, or part of a larger trend?

PS Thinking that this may be a design/recall issue, I had the dealer return the old parts to me, if anyone (NTSB?) would like to inspect them.

If Subaru knows of the problem, your idea to tell the NTSB sounds like a good one.

And which direction would you expect a Subaru to pull?


I must admit I just LOL’d there @Rod_Knox

I have filed a concern with NTSB. They wrote back asking for more info, but nothing since.

I’m afraid that until this problem causes a terrible head-on collision, it won’t be acted on.

LOL! Good point. :smiley:

When prime rib happens by I find it difficult to let it pass.

I’m not seeing anything known to be broken about the steering system on your car. Even the most robustly designed steering rack probably wouldn’t escape unscathed if you hit a big pothole while corning sharply at speed.