Steering Wheel Vibration

When our 2001 Mercury Villager Sport Minivan reaches 65+ mph speed the steering wheel vibrates. An alignment did not last a week. How can we get this fixed?

Bad shocks or other worn suspension components.

Perhaps a bad tire (out of balance, separation or cupping).

I had this same problem, and it turned out to be a tiny tear in the tire tread…It was surprisingly small to be causing such a big problem. I’m thinking that the mechanic probably would’ve checked for this while the car was up for the alignment though…

First tell the alignment shop to check out the vibration, if you have not already done that. Second try have the tyres rotated (front to back) and see if there is a change.

Check for a damaged rim also.

An Alignment will keep the car from pulling left/right when you take pressure off the wheel. Tires being out of balance is what causes the steering wheel vibration. Have your local shop rotate and balance your tires.