Steering Wheel Shakes



My 98 Honda Civic steering wheel shakes pretty badly on the freeway, at speeds higher than 60mph. It’s been doing that for a while now. I took it for alignment a year ago, and it fixed the shaking for a while. I didn’t drive it for a while, and the problem came back. So, I took it for another alignment, and the problem went away for a month or so. But now it’s back again. Alignment shouldn’t only last one month, right? What should I do?


make sure all your wheel weights are in place.


When ws the last time you bought new tires?


Definitely get your tires balanced at a reputable tire shop. Also, if you have hit a curb hard with your rim, it may be damaged. If it is not too bad, this can be repaired also, but my $ says balancing will fix the shakes.