Steering Wheel Vibrates At Highway Speeds - Help Diagnosing

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry LE, about 170,000 miles on it.

Don’t know if it’s related, but I recently did an oil change and put on different tires. Didn’t have the issue before I did oil change and put on different (used) tires.

Problem: My steering wheel vibrates while driving at highway speeds, it’s more noticeable while going straight on the highway. It’s more then the typical vibration. Meaning while in park, there is very minimal vibration that can be felt on the steering wheel while the car is on. This is much more than this type of vibration but not wild vibration like when your brake pads are low.

I checked my tires, and the weights are still on the front of the tires, all four. I haven’t checked the back of the tires, or are even sure if there are/were weights on the back of the tires.

I checked the tire pressure and it’s to specification. When I put on the tires, I put all the lug nuts on to specified torque. The tires have more than enough tread, only a couple thousand miles on them.

Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps I can take to further diagnosis this problem. Maybe it’s not even a problem? I thought it was from the tires but I guess not.

Might be a problem with those used tires.



Thanks for the help, is there a way I can confirm it?

Put the tires you took off back on.

If the vibration goes away?



Rotate the tires, front to back and see if the vibration moves from the steering wheel to the seat.

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This doesn’t assure that the wheels are accurately balanced.

It’s also possible one of the tires is defective/uneven and that’s why they were taken off whatever car they were used on.

Might be case of former owner complaining enough for tire store to replace tires. And you have them now.

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