My 2009 Impreza shakes at 45

I was driving the other night in the snow and I slid into a curb and hit my two right side tires. The hubcaps popped right off. Today I drove it on the now cleared roads and as I got up to 35 I noticed a slight shake which progressively got worse up to 60, where it shakes feverishly. What could be wrong?

If your lucky, the wheels are out of balance. Less lucky, and the rims are bent. Bad luck, you also need an alignment. Worst luck, and you also need to replace damages suspension parts.

Yes. Out of balance wheel/tire problems become evident at 45 mph. It could be worse/expensive but start there.

I was thinking/ hoping its just a tire alignment issue or an issue with bent rims. I know worst case scenario, I may need to replace suspension parts but thanks for the second opinion. On a worst case scenario, you wouldn’t happen to know how much replacing suspension parts would cost, would you?