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Steering wheel question

I have a 2019 Ford Fiesta SE hatchback. For me being a “bigger guy” to get in and out easier I have to adjust the steering wheel and slide it all the way in. Then when I get it, I unlock it move it to where I am comfortable driving and lock it into place. My question is…

When I go to get out and unlock the wheel and slide it as far forward as it will go, do I have to resecure it or can I leave it “unlocked” and then when I get into the car to drive it move it up to where I want and secure it then without doing any damage to the steering colum or wheel? It would eliminate the locking and unlocking so much but not sure if leaving it unlocked while the car is not running and locked up is okay.

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The lock is just to make sure the wheel doesn’t start sliding around while you’re trying to steer the vehicle. You can safely leave it unlocked while the vehicle is parked. You’d be saving some wear and tear on the locking mechanism.

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Why not just leave the steering wheel alone and slide the seat back to exit and the reverse when you get in .

I see no reason you can’t leave it unlocked, as long as anyone else who might drive your car knows that it’s left that way.

If you didn’t know this, there are cars that do this automatically, so that might be a factor in your next car purchase.

Um…I’m fat, the seat is as far back as it will go, If I don’t move the steering wheel in as far as it will go then I basically need the “jaws of life” to ge me out of my car. Think LARGE MAN, TINY CAR… :slight_smile:

Well I’m the only driver so that’s not an issue, as for my “next” car, I am kinda hoping there won’t be a “next car”. This is brand new, I’m old and not in the best shape health wise. I figure if I can get 10-12 years out of this car and around 80-90 thousand miles I will be done before I need another car.