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Steering wheel pulls sharply to the right

I was driving my husband’s Ford Escape XLT 2001 on the highway yesterday, and suddenly the steering wheel pulls very sharply to the right. I was driving at about 60mph - when I accelerated greater than 60mph, the pulling went away. I tested it - it returned when I drove about 60mph and if I lifted my foot off of the accelerator. I pulled over and checked the tire pressures - both left tires were low so I filled them to normal. The car did not pull again, even when I drove about 60mph. I want to take it in, but does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this??

What could be causing low pressure in both left-side tires?

Failure to regularly check tire pressures?

Usually the steering will pull towards the low tire location not away from it.

Now, I mean no disrespect, BUT I have a feeling due to a low left side tire pressure, the vehicle has been pulling slightly left and when you realize that it is, you jerk the steering wheel hard right to correct, but over-steer in the process.

As you said, once you filled the tires up to the correct pressure, the problem disappeared.

I doubt there is a steering/suspension fault.

What I think is interesting is that you’re willing to experiment with this vehicle, which, according to your description, “pulls very sharply to the right,” at 60 mph, IN TRAFFIC. You could get hurt doing this, or hurt someone else. Stop it.

If I were driving at 60 mph and my vehicle suddenly “pulled sharply to the right,” I’d pull over and park it.

I’m still working on “steering wheel pulls to the right” vs “vehicle pulls to the right.”

Not enough information.

Tire pressures should be checked COLD, not after they’ve been driven at 60 mph.

  1. I did pull over immediately at the next exit - and was not “experimenting”. And once we arrived home, we have not driven the car again because it is obviously dangerous.
  2. The steering wheel pulled sharply to the right, and the vehicle would have also pulled to the right, but I straightened the wheel and the car continued straight.
  3. We checked the pressures this morning COLD, and they were normal cold weather recommended pressures.
    Let me know if you have any ideas, or if you have any more questions. Thanks.

How low were the tires? What were the road conditions?