2010 Focus pulls to right when braking

My mother’s 2010 Focus (6 months old) has begun to pull hard to the right when she uses the brakes. Dealership said that there was nothing they could do and that it is due to a combination of her tire pressure and the optional factory 17" wheels that came with it. That sounded ridiculous to me, but does anyone know if that is possible, and if not, what could cause it?

Clearly, you need to find and try a better dealership. (You can get warranty service at any Ford/Lincoln dealer. You don’t have to use the one you bought it from.)
I assume that you are using the correct air pressure for the optional tires, and that the right side pressures match the left side pressures. There should never be a pull to the left or the right.

Couldn’t agree with you more on the dealership. The air pressure is correct in all four wheels, and it doesn’t pull when driving, only when braking. Thanks for the input!

I’d imagine that it sounded ridiculous to you because it is. I have to wonder how morons who say completely stupid things like this sleep at night. Or I suppose its possible that they themselves can believe what they say…in which case I have to wonder how they could possibly be in this line of work.

Assuming that this will be a warranty issue, like tardis I’d say that you have to find another location.

Check the owner’s manual and other paperwork that came with her new car for a telephone number at Ford to call or an address for a letter when the dealer can’t resolve a problem. Ford should certainly know about that dealer. People like that can ruin a brand’s good reputation.

The reported dealer’s answer is ridiculous, as you describe it. Have you intervened for your mother to ask the dealer to look at the car? It sounds like they gave you an answer without looking at the car. They should begin by inspecting the car’s brake caliper. Ask if you can be present while they have the car on a hoist for inspection.

I am planning on asking her to trade cars with me next week so I can deal with it. My dealer down by my place has never been a problem and will hopefully give a credible answer. Plus I can then see if there are any other issues that may be related. Thanks for the input.

Find someone who will fix it properly. My guess is one brake is grabbing or the other side is not braking. It should not be too hard to find by someone who knows what they are doing and want to fix it properly.

Ask them to put that in writing so you can send it to Ford?