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'86 Riviera steering column

The ignition rack broke on my Riviera, and to replace it disassembly of the tilt mechanism is required. The rack is in and I’ve managed to get everything back together, but the steering shaft slides down the collum and the bearings won’t seat. This lets the steering wheel flop around like a bird with a broken wing.

Is there a lock ring, retainer or some such somewhere in there? Or is the spring behind the lock plate supposed to hold everything together?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.


Well you’re braver than I am. Hope you’ve got a parts diagram or a good memory. I took a look at the factory manual but there are so many parts and hard to know from the diagram just how it goes together again. All the book says is “While holding up on the tilt lever to disengage lock shoes install over steering shaft. Move rack downward and and hold. Tip housing to left until rack engages pin on actuator rod. Push housing down until pivot pin holes are in alignment.”

Not sure I’m braver, maybe just less intelligent. Thanks for the information.

Got it fixed. Found the retainer, jerry-rigged an instalation tool from a pvc fitting, and everything went together. Now I have all the special tools needed to disassemble and reassemble a GM tilt wheel. I’ll probably never take another one apart, but they’ll look good in my tool collection.