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Steering Stick-sion

2007 G6 Problem occurs at slow speed with sharp turning, such as coming out or into driveway. As the steering rack moves slowly it tends to stick and release 3 or 4 times when turning sharply at very slow speed. It makes a sound so loud even the passenger cam hear it and the driver can feel it in the steering wheel. Does occur while driving normally. The dealer says its a GM problem with no real correction. They greased the rack and said the problem would return soon, but it is not a safety problem. So far they have been right on both counts. Are there any real cures?

Dos NOT occur while driving normally

If nobody has checked the universal joints in the steering column, that might be worth a look. Some GM models have had issues with sticking and binding universal joints in the column.

@jimD I think I may have found the solution. Check this out.

Has the dealer replaced any parts yet?
If this bulletin is the solution, then the guys at your dealer aren’t looking very hard.

I think you got with the steering intermediate shaft. The slip joint in the shaft is likly binding, it’s called stick-slip and it will make a clunk noise. Shaft has to removed and greased or replaced though.

@jimD go back to the dealer with that TSB I provided and ask them to perform the repair.

And ask them why they haven’t performed the TSB already?

Pretty pathetic when some unknown guy on the web has to do the dealership’s diagnosis for them.