G6 steering

My son has a 05 Pontiac g6 that has been making a lot of noise coming from the steering he thinks. I haven’t had a chance to hear or look at it, but I was wondering whats the worst case scenario gonna cost. I guess it has electric power steering instead of conventional. I know nothing about these. It has 158000 miles on it if that matters. thanks

The universal joints could be bad. They will make a knocking noise if worn when turning. Check the boots for tears and for the grease being slung out. Of course it could be brake squeal from worn pads or bearings being shot, both high pitched noises. The noise will depend on what it gone.

I learned a little more since posting…it makes a grinding sound when turning the steering wheel. Not too loud. Makes noise whether its being driven or just sitting still.

Back then they were having problems with the electric steering but I think mainly loosing steering assist. Also there have been problems with a clunking/clicking noise in the steering column that I think there has been a reasonable fix for. There either were recalls or TSBs on them. Can’t recall. I guess I would just have the dealer take a look and get an estimate, then you know for sure. Doubt whether they would help at all with it at this point though.

If its the electronic pump, the rebuilt through Rockauto is over $360, so not cheap.


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