Steering rack boot


What is it going to cost me, best and worst case, to replace steering rack boot on a 1995 honda civic ex coupe. The clicking noises are about to drive me crazy!


Steering rack boot? Or CV boot? CV boot’s can cost $10 if you can do the work yourself. Having it done can run several hundred. But if it’s clicking already, there’s no point in replacing the boot. Get a new half axle installed. $100-$200 for the part and probably about the same for install


If it is the axle boot you’re talking about, it’s not the boot that’s clicking, it’s the CV joint. So replacing the boot won’t fix any clicking.

Go with what the previous poster suggested and replace the whole half shaft with a remanufactured unit. In my area I can buy them for less than $50 USD (not including core charge).

Even if you are talking about the steering rack dust boots, replacing those boots won’t fix any noises. That would still be some problem with the rack or tie rods (inner or outer).


Thanks for the advise. I’ve replaced both cv boots previous to the clicking. I just assumed that they weren’t put on correctly (by a buddy), after inspection couldn’t find anything wrong. When I looked up and more toward the engine I saw another boot that was torn open. I looked this boot up online and found that this boot was called a steering rack boot. I will budget $500 for the repairs. Thanks again.