Steering rack boot

I have a 1994 Honda Accord with 121,000 miles. I recently had a timing belt replaced and was advised “needs steering rack C/V boot” . I had this done at 60,000 miles for $ 410. Does it make sense to have this repair now at 121,000? What effects if I don’t?

Maybe some misunderstanding going on. The halfshafts have CV boots; 2 on each shaft.
The steering rack is a separate item and has 2 rubber bellows as they’re called; not CV boot.

Before wading into replacing a steering rack bellows the tie rods should be closely examined. If the tie rods are loose at all from wear then one would be better off replacing the steering rack as it’s more cost effective and better in the long run.

If the rack bellows only is replaced then the rack should be closely examined for even the slightest sign of fluid leakage. If the rack is leaking then replacing the bellows is pointless. Hope that helps.