CV Boot

How important is the CV Boot and how much should I have to pay to have a CV Boot replaced on a 1989 Nissan Maxim with 85,000 miles? Thanks, Bob S.

CV boots are critical, and should be inspected regularly for cracks and leaks. If any are found they should be replaced immediately. If not replaced, the CV jints will destroy themselves with contamination and lack of grease. Boots are a lot cheaper than new CV joints!

If you’ve been ahearing clicking, especially while turning, have the axle (which includes the cv jont) changed. Cost difference between just a boot, and the half axel, in time and materials, isn’t that great.

They are very important if you plan on driving the car for more than a couple of thousand miles.

After a couple of bad experiences with replacing a split boot and later the half-axle, I always replace the entire half-axle when I find a split boot. I think it cost about $150 the last time I had it done on a Taurus.

I used to get boots for an Escort done for about $70. That was in 1990 at a place with good prices. Yours cost about double unless it’s done in a big city with crowded service places.

The CV boot is very important if you don’t want to pay for a new CV joint. I don’t remember what they cost so get a second opinion from a second shop.