Broken Tie Rod

Is it safe to drive a car that has a broken tie rod?

absolutely not !!!

The tie rod is part of the steering system which directs the front wheels. If the tie rod is broken, the tire attached to it has no steering control and could point in any direction regardless of what you do with the steering wheel. The tire will invariably end up turning either all the way to the left or right without warning. I would not want to in the area when it happens.

Thank you for the information…I have been trying to diagnose the problem with my car to some degree before I take it to a shop. I’ve come up with the conclusion that either my transfer case fluid is low or I have a worn joint/bearing. Some had mentioned that I might have a problem with the tie rod, but after different discussions and your comment I don’t believe I have a broken tie rod.

Let us in on the symptoms you are seeing, i.e. wandering, strange noises, tire wear, play in steering, pulls, etc. The more information including when and where it occurs helps a lot in diagnosing the problem. This same approach helps any mechanic looking at the problem. Don’t go in and say to the service writer, “I need the ‘tie rod’ replaced.” because he/she will do that and probably not cure your original symptom(s).

Hope this helps

Depending on the problem, it is possible that you have a worn tie rod. The spherical bearing on the end of the tie rod (where it connects to the steering knucle) can wear and get sloppy. The best way to check it is to jack up the front wheel, grab it at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions, and try to wiggle the wheel by hand.

No. I have had two tie rods break( just lucky i geuss). A bad, worn, or broken tie rod means you walk period. This is your life and the lives of other people on the road when you loose control and are riding 4000 lbs of accelerated death on the road. Both of my rods broke at low speed where i could stop and walk away. Do not drive.

Yeah I had one break in two on the freeway. It was an interesting ride but could have been more interesting since I just crossed the river bridge. It was a Moog and only a year old. Tow it or drive 5 MPH to the nearest shop and have it diagnosed.