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Possible bad tie rod?

My car (civic x sedan 2017) hit a curb while i was taking a turn, I accelerated a little and hit it. After hitting it the steering was crooked and I thought the alignment has gone out. I went to the local alignment shop where they told me that your tie rod ( inner) has bent. Now where I live these are not available and had to buy a cheap manufactured inner tie rod. Although it was for this car but no company was mentioned on it.

Now here is the strange part. It was installed perfectly and the car was aligned afterwards. I noticed that my left side feels light as compared to right one. BUT THERE IS NO PLAY. Even a slight turn will be responsive but the steering is light to only one side. I checked the steering angle sensor and calibrated it. Nothing changed. The speed would have been 5 to 7 km/hr when the car hit the curb. I took it to another mechanic and he said everything is fine. I also took it to Honda but they were very unprofessional. They didn’t check the car just told me to get a new steering rack, control arm and a pair of outer and inner tie rods.

What can the problem be? Can a damaged strut give a similar symptom? Can the inner tie rod be the culprit?

Any help will be appreciated a lot. It has been 6 months now.

Typically the lower control arm will bend from a curb impact before steering parts, a close inspection should identify the bent suspension part.

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Is there any particular symptom associated with a bent lower control arm?
I have been to 2 mechanics already and they just told me that because the part is newer, it will feel like this( wtf).

Yes, when the camber/caster is askew because of a bent suspension part the steering resistance will be different left to right as you described.

is there any way of inspecting it my self or should I take it somewhere else?

I also forgot to mention one more thing (sorry); my steering sometime sometime moves when going over bumps.

Compare the suspension parts on the right side with those on the left. It can be very difficult to spot the damage, especially with the vehicle on the floor, best to check this on a lift.