Steering noise? Not a whine

I have a torrent and equinox. Same elec boost steering on both. The torrent has a moaning type sound when you turn wheel left or right. Sounds lower, in the rack area. But, the rack is connected to the struts. The rack is “manual”. Not a hyd boost unit. The equinox has elec boost steering assist. The motor is under the dash. Could it be the strut mounts binding and making this sound? I was comparing both as the equinox has a clicking sound from steering column area. The torrent is silent. Except for the moaning. No clicks. Just trying to compare both for clues.

Use of length of garden hose as a stethoscope to id the source while you are probing under the car and a helper turns the steering wheel. Does the front suspension also use ball joints on those vehicles? If so, that’s something to check.

It has ball joints. Usual gm struts. I’d say the sound is more of a creaking sound then moaning.
I Am really trying to fix the clicking sound on nox and I am leaning towards the boost unit. Then I remembered the torrent has this creak issue. I can’t win. Torrent sat for 6months and I just started driving it and remembered the darn creak issue. Changed nox struts last week