My Vue is moaning

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue, been a pretty car, bought used. It has been making this obnoxius moaning sound when I turn the steering wheel. Had one mechanice say he thought it was some bearings? But I would have to bring back (was having something else fixed at the time). I am financially challenged at the moment, and I am concerned this is going to be costly. The sound doesn’t seem to be affecting the mechanics of the car, it is just annoying.
would appreciate anyones thoughts.

The noise might be caused from a worn upper strut bearing. To find out, open the hood, start the engine and have someone place their hand on the strut towers. Now turn the steering wheel back and forth slowly. If a strut bearing is worn it’ll be felt on the strut tower.


Are you able to tell if the noise is coming from under the hood or inside the car? If the noise is under the hood, the problem is likely related to the steering tie-rods or the strut bearings as @Tester described above.

If the noise sounds like it’s coming from inside the car, like near your knees the cause is likely the electric motor under the dash that helps turn the steering wheel.

Check your power steering fluid level, and serpantine belt condition.

@Barkydog: this car has no power steering fluid or belt. It’s an entirely electronic assist system located under the dash.

I stand corrected then, My bad, I do not have all the models committed to memory. the LS models do have a fluid pump.