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Steering noise in 2001 Honda CR-V

2001 CRV - steering noise.

We have a 2001 Honda CRV, 96,000 miles. We have a “creaking” noise from the steering rack when turning the steering wheel. Dealer says everything checks out ok- fluid is ok, freeplay is ok, etc. but they say the noise is in the rack.

The noise is there:

-Even moving the wheel only one inch or so, and persists when continuing to turn the wheel all the way.

-When turning the wheel to the left only, though this was elusive to isolate for awhile.

-When the ignition is off and wiggling the wheel.

-When engine is running (ie power steering is active) and car is parked, and when turning the wheel even slightly.

-When at low speeds and moderate speeds when making a corner turn.

-This noise is NOT associated with sharp turning or the extreme turning of the wheel.

-Don?t ?hear? it at higher speeds (say above 20mph) but I think that?s because of road and engine noise. (After all, it IS a CRV.)

My car makes a similar creaking noise under similar conditions. I solve it by forcing some 80W90 gear oil into a rubber boot around or near the ball joint.

Your grease zerk-free, no maintenance parts have probably lost some lubrication over the years and need a little boost.

Try lubing some of the parts until you hear it go away. If this works, you may have to do this once per year or more often.