2001 CRV - "creeking" noise from steering rack

We have a 2001 Honda CRV, 96,000 miles.

We now have a “creeking” sound from the steering rack when turning the steering wheel. Dealer says everything else checks out ok- fluid is ok, freeplay is ok, etc. Dealer also noted that the rack is a replacement after market NAPA component.

Only immediate circumstance precceding arrival of the soun is that my wife says she adjusted the tilt-wheel the day before the creeking sound started. We continue to drive the car daily.

What to do?

This actually might not be coming from the steering rack.
In order to have some assurance of whether it is from the steering rack or not, we need to know the exact circumstances when you hear the “creaking” noise.

Do you hear the noise whenever you turn the steering wheel, no matter whether the car is stationary or whether it is moving?
Do you hear the noise at all speeds?
Do you hear the noise only when making sharp turns at low speed?

If it is the latter, then what you are hearing is the classic CR-V center differential problem, which is usually cured by changing the diff fluid.

Post back with more information on the circumstances when you hear the noise, and if it appears to be the classic CR-V center diff problem, I will give you some additional information on the cure.

Thanks for answering.
Here?s more info:
This creaking noise is not associated with sharp turning or the extreme turning of the wheel.
The noise is there:
-When turning the wheel to the left only, though this was elusive to isolate for awhile.
-When parked and ignition is off and wiggling the wheel.
-When ignition is on, car is parked, and when turning the wheel even slightly.
-When driving
-Even moving the wheel only one inch or so, but persists when continuing to turn the wheel all the way.
-As mentoned you can hear this when parked and also a low speeds and moderate speeds.
-Don?t ?hear? it at higher speeds (say above 20mph) but I think that?s because of road and engine noise. (After all, it IS a CRV )

Your interest in our problem is greatly appreciated.