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Steering jump

I drive a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood that has 115K miles on it. It is in great condition, except that as I am driving and turn the steering wheel slightly to the left, there is a minor tug or pull, or skip to the left. This will happen most times I drive, but not every time. It is not the same as when I need an alienment. It is now happing as I turn the wheel slighty to the right. My machanic says it is something in the gear box and has something to do with the power steering, and I need not be alarmed. Is it O-Kay to drive like this, or should I have it checked out further?

could the belt be slipping a little?

Have it checked out further. Elly may be right, when you first load the pump doen by turning it the belt that drives it could be slipping a bit because it’s worn out or because the belt tensioner is tired and no longer keeping the belt properly tenisoned.

It could also be that the power steering pump if failing and taking a moment to respond to the added load…or binding when it’s loaded and causing the belt to skip.

It could also be a failing spool valve in the rack assembly. That’s a proportional valve that diverts the hydraulic fluid to one side or the other of the piston in the rack.

I can guarantee you it won’t fix itself. I can also pretty much guarantee you that it’s get worse. If it’s the pump failing, it may even bind suddenly and pop the belt. If the belt is also driving the alternator you’ll lose that too.

Oh, and you might also have a failing ball joint. Or tie rod end.