Steering problem

i have a question everytime i go through puddles of water my steering seems to not want too steer then 10 seconds later the steering is fine any suggetions thanks…

The belt that drives your power steering pump is being affected by water splashed onto it when you drive through puddles. When it is hit by this water, there is extreme slippage of the belt, resulting in a loss of power to the power steering pump. This indicates one or more of the following situations:

The belt is loose, and needs to have its tension adjusted.
The belt is “glazed” from wear, and needs to be replaced.
The splash shield that was installed underneath the front of the car has been damaged or removed.

I agree 100%. Have the power steering belt checked.

ok i put in a new alternator and also a new serpitine belt guess i need to tighten it some let me know thanks…

Normally those serpentine belts have a spring-loaded tensioner, so maybe it needs to be checked/replaced.

ok thanks for the info