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STEERING imbalance why in 120km

Recently got my 2002 Honda CR-V two front tyres installed, balanced and equally carried out alignment check on it at exactly a month ago. But each time I’m on high way putting up to 120km I normally experienced steering drift to the right. Can anyone help?

If I read your post correctly, you bought 2 tires and had them put on the front wheels. The guideline is for 2 tires only to go on the rear of a vehicle no matter the drive pattern ( FWD or RWD ) . All wheel drive it is recommended to get 4 tires and rotate . I am surprised a tire shop would put them on the front… Have the new ones put on the back and that may solve your problem.

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You are using a mix of terms that is confusing things. Are you experiencing a vibration that occurs at 120 kph? Or are you experiencing the vehicle drifting off center at 120 kph (and at no other speed?)

For the first one, this is likely a out of round tire. So return to where you bought the tires and explain the situation. They will likely want to know if you think it is on the right or the left, so a little time figuring that out will improve the chances of success.

For the second one: That doesn’t make sense. A drift will be present at all speeds - albeit more rapid that faster you go. Perhaps you are only noticing it because of the road you are on - and perhaps it is the road itself.


Thank you all for the advice

In an effort to gain fuel mileage manufactures have been calling for 0 or near 0 degrees of toe in, that make cars a lot less self centering than they used to be. That, coupled with electric power steering on the even newer ones have removed almost all tracking comfort.