Steering column/ oil gauge/ cold start

My 2004 Chevrolet Siverado’s steering box seems to leak. It was adressed at one point but then just seemed to leak all over my driveway, it sits alot. It also make a loud winding sound when it first starts in cold weather then goes away when warmed up? Finally the oil pressure gauge is pinned passed 80 psi. just gauge?

For the oil gauge, I would just replace the oil pressure sending unit it is the easiest and probably the least expensive thing to try. As far as the steering box it depends on whether it is actually the box or the hose connections at the box. Either tighten hoses/replace hoses or new seals for the box itself.


If you have a 1500, you have a steering rack, not a box. That makes a big difference in price, parts, and diagnosis

Anyways, are you sure it’s not just a leaky steering hose?

If it is the rack, your best bet is to get a rebuilt rack installed, preferably a genuine AC Delco part

You’ll definitely need an alignment after the replacement rack is installed



I just read your other posts, and your truck is apparently 4x4

You did not state that in this post

And most 1500 Silverados are RWD, not 4x4

That is why I assumed you have a steering rack

Nevertheless, my advice remains the same . . . check if a hose is loose and/or leaking

If it’s not the hose, replace the steering gearbox with a genuine AC Delco part