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Steering component names

In the “good old days”, say, the 1960’s, when cars had longitudinal mounted engines, double wishbone front suspensions, and recirculating ball steering boxes, there was a pitman arm connecting the steering box to a long rod going to the other side of the car, and an idler arm connecting this rod to the frame. What was the name of this rod? Was it the drag link?

This is for GM, but I think they are all pretty much the same.

The link @It_s_Me posted refers to it as a center link. In a few old GM manuals I have, they call it a relay rod.

You’re describing the center link. Some people called it a drag link, but technically a drag link is used in steering linkage that doesn’t have an idler arm, like the older Ford twin I-beam setup.

I’ve heard it called all three of those names myself. And center link as I recall was the most common name used.

Thanks Rod and everyone who replied.

I always called it a drag link.