Part question. HELPPP!


Im in the process of purchasing a 1995 Ford Escort wagon and the car has a problem that I think is going to be fairly easy to fix. The part that Alignment shops adjust, to align the rear wheels, has rotted off its mount when it was being moved across my driveway. I need to know what the name of this part is. Ive replaced them before I just can’t seem to remember what they are called so I can tell the parts place what I need.


They used to have shims to put back there.


SO NOT BUY THE CAR! If that part of the car is rotted(rusted) lordy knows what else is.


Dont worry about it. Ive worked on the car for 3 years now if anything has ever gone wrong with it. For the price im paying for it it’s well worth it. I dont plan on using the car anyway. I buy cars, fix whats wrong with them, then re-sell them privately. So do you know the name of this part or not? Hopefully you know what I’m talking about.


Could it be an idler arm assembly? Just a shot in the dark.


I dont think thats what its called. Aren’t those in the front usually?


IT was just a guess.


Trailing arm?


It has threads where it is taken off. One end of it is attatched to the frame (I know I know it doesnt have a frame, Unibody, whatever you want to call it) by a bolt, once that is taken out, it is then unthreaded from the end that goes back to the wheel assembly that keeps the wheel straight. This is how they adjust the alignment in alignment shops.


Maybe its a control arm? I dont think those are in the rear either? Just a random thing that pops into my head. I dont know. Its not a big deal I can just go to the parts store with the old part and they can match up the parts.


Sounds like a turnbuckle.


Hope this answers your question. Hope I attached the pic correctly!


Is there any way anyone can get me a picture of a rear axle with all the components for an Escort? That’s about the only way I can show you better what I mean.


I guess I have finally had my question answered. The part is called a lateral link. At least that is what the website I just looked at called it. I had to get an exploded view of all of the rear suspension components to get the answer. Should have thought of it earlier i guess shrugs