Power steering unit

I’m having a hard time removing this unit from a 1964 ford. Any help

thank you Joe

What model Ford?

Exactly what is the problem you’re having? Be specific please.

Joe, Can You Describe What Part Of The Unit You’re Trying To Remove (Pump, Gear, Everything, Etcetera) And . . .
. . . Exactly What Part Of The Operation Is Causing Difficulty (Room To Work, Tools, Seized Part, The Car’s Owner, Can’t See At Mid-Night, Etcetera). What’s stopping you ?

1964 Ford…Don’t these use a hydraulic slave cylinder clamped to the drag link and actuated by a valve where the Pitman arm connects to the drag-link? These contraptions are a lot of fun to work on…

That’s exactly how my '64 Fairlane was set up. Except if I recall correctly the valve was actually built into the recirculating ball assembly.

But the pump should be easy to change.

It a 1964 ford, and this is a power steering unit. The problem is the center rod of the tie-rod–that is were my problem is. Every thing is lose, but cant get it lose from the center of tie-rod. I’ve been using a tierod tool to get apart, but mthat does not WORK

If you are using a pickle fork, forget it. Use a Pitman Arm Puller. They run about $14 at AZ and the like. The are a great tool for ball joints and tie rod ends as well.

My Autozone has them available on their “Tool Rental” program. You pay for (or charge) them and get a refund when you bring them back.