Steering column noise silverado

my 2001 chev silverado 1500’s steering column makes two noises. one is a squeak that seems to mimic every bump in the road. and the other is a low uuuurrrrr noise like an old door opening slowly, this noise is intermittent though when it happens lasts for miles. only hear it at low speeds, though it might be there at higher…just can’t tell… all this happened after taking it in for i don’t know what any more and they replaced the steering column…have brought it in 9 times (it was free to have them look) and it was never solved.

both noises were very intermittent now they are much more common and long lasting. any ideas before i put myself in the hand of another mechanic?

I’m having a hard time believing those noises you describe are coming from the steering column.

Usually the GM p/us and suvs have an intermediate shaft clunking noise.

Wait a sec. Perhaps the clockspring under the air bag is making the noise.

someone else mentioned that…am generalizing in my lack of expertise in auto when i say that it IS the steering column, the sound are just right there, and am not of the opinion that they are “traveling up” anything. i really appreciate your help on this. could this have happened when they messed with my truck when they put in the new steering column? it started the day i picked it up from them and has gone from intermittent to nearly constant. is this going to be a pricey fix if you are right?

If you still have a warranty on the steering column and labor you may get the steering column dismantled and perhaps the fault found at no cost.

Don’t forget that the air bag has to be diffused first. (pull the fuse)

Is the power steering fluid up to the full mark?

Test drive the vehicle with you and a tech together, and try to replicate the noises.

How did you resolve this? One of the noises makes me think it could be a speedometer cable in need of lubrication.

Let me know–inquiring minds have to know…