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Squeaky Steering Wheel/Column (2005 T&C)

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country base model with just over 70,000 miles.

My steering wheel/column “squeaks” when making left or right turns. The noise sounds like it is coming from inside the cabin, just behind the airbag/horn. It does not sound like a typical power steering problem. The sound is more noticeable when I make left turns and when I am driving slowly, like when I am turning the wheel of the car to get out of a parking space. The noise is definitely worse in colder weather.

I had the inner tie rods replaced three months ago, but I think the creaking sound pre-dates that work. Any thoughts? Are there bearings or joints that might need lubrication. Something else?


The plastics in all the various steering column parts sometimes warp overtime and cause these creaks & squeaks. The only way I know to correct them is to disassemble the steering column parts and reposition/resecure them. I urge you not to try this yourself without a good manual. If you should accidently cause an airbag discharge, you could get seriously hurt, and even if you don’t you’ll have a whopping big repait bill. The repair manual will tell you how to safely disable the airbag.