Steam on inside of headlights

I have a 99 Chev. Venture. There is condinsation on the inside of both headlights which effects how bright the lights show up the road. What can be done?

Clear the ventilation tube, if it’s blocked. If there’s a leak in the headlight assembly, allowing moisture to get in, you will have to seal it.

You may have to remove the bulbs and allow the lights to dry. A hair dryer may be helpful.

Water has gotten inside the headlight housing somehow or another. You can try removing them, emptying out the water and patching the holes (if you can find them). If holes can’t be found or patch, new housings should fix the problem.

by any chance in the last year or so has a new head light (OR TWO) been installed?

I had this exact same problem a couple months ago. Here’s the link.
Anyway, I had to change the bulb. While doing so, turned it upside down and saw where the water leaked out. I patched it up with silicon caulking–probably not the pro’s way but I haven’t had any problems since. A new housing is outrageous, starting at $100.

I must admit that in the last year both bulbs were replaced by me. Other comments indicate that there either should be ventilation holes in the light or else they need to be sealed up tight so no mosture can get in. Information has been helpfull, thank you very much George