Stealth and 3000GT Transmission Compatibility

I recently acquired a 1991 Dodge Stealth base model, and a 1999 3000GT. The 3000GT is just for parts and so far haven’t had any compatibility issues but haven’t transfered anything big yet. In fact the only big thing I need to transfer is the transmission. Does anyone know if the transmission from a 1999 3000GT will fit into a 1991 Dodge Stealth? The stealth’s current transmission is an automatic and the 3000GT has a manual.

Call a parts store. And ask if the halfshafts for a manual/automatic 91 Stealth are the same part number. Now do the same for a manual/automatic 99 300GT. If none of part numbers match, that’s trouble right there.


Switching a car from auto to manual transmission is a big deal, including lots of engine control issues. Would be OK if they were the same/similar years, but 1999 had entirely different computers than the 1991 (pre-OBD II). Not something I’d like to try…