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Static on radio

When I start my 2006 Chevrolet Impala, most of the time my radio is clear, but often there is so much static that I can’t hear it at all. I can cut the car off, restart it and the radio will be clear and will stay clear for a few starts, then I have the static again.

I’ve had the car in the shop but they were not able to find the problem. It’s very annoying. I think it could be something to do with the wiring/starter, but what do I know? Can anyone help? -

I think you probably have a bad ground somewhere. Make sure the radio has a separate ground wire firmly attached to the radio and to the vehicle negative cable or frame. Grounding to the body is not a good idea when it comes to radios.

You have an antenna module. Re-seating the connections between it and the radio and re-seating the antenna connector may solve the problem. Checking that it’s grounded as mentioned. Antenna unit may be bad.

Static usually comes from a bad antenna connection (which includes the shielding ground, which needs to be intact to prevent loss and to protect the signals against other RF sources) or leakage of some other electrical signal that radiates RF, such as an ignition wire. And, of course, trying to listen to a station that’s at the limits of its broadcast range.

Any auto electrics shop will have the equipment and expertise to find and correct the problem. It might be a lot easier to just let them look into it.

Another thing that might be causing the issue is if there is a window defroster grid on the rear window. If the defroster is on, it might be causing the problem. Simply switching it off while the problem is happening would tell you if that is true or not.

If the vehicle has Bose audio system, GM has issued a Technical Service Bulletin #06-08-44-019.

The amplifier in the system can cause static in the speakers. The fix is to replace the amplifier and reprogram the stereo system.