Radio static during rear defroster use and during cell phone charging / and chargers blowing

I have a 2007 Honda Civic 2 dr. A couple years ago the manufacturer cell phone charger was blown in a few days of use with the cigarette lighter. The manufacturer replacement was next blown, and then a cheap off-brand was blown. Last fall, turning on the rear defroster began causing static interference on the FM stations. Several months later, I noticed that use of the cigarette lighter as a cell phone charger also caused radio static.

Next week, the rear windshield will be removed and replaced during a body repair. Should I ask for a replacement windshield, or just for attention to the connection with the electric? What else can be done about either of these causes of FM static?

Get your alternator tested.
It could have a bad diode or regulator.

Thanks. Could that cause the static, or only blowing the charger?

Both…A bad diode produces “AC Ripple” in your cars electrical system system…With your car parked and in neutral, gently rev the motor while observing the static…Does the pitch of the radio interference follow the engines RPM? That’s a bad alternator for sure…

Thank you for the information. Is there a possibility of a short or a bad ground for the antenna causing both problems?

There very well could be a problem with the alternator going from your statements about the chargers. Besides checking the DC voltage the AC voltage needs to be checked and should be less than .1 volt.

The radio interference could be coming through the antenna but is could also be through the DC power system. You could try connecting to a different antenna as a test to see what happens to the noise.

A bad ground can cause all sorts of problems. If the electricity does not have a path to flow back to ground things do not work.

Well, I have tried revving the engine in park, but it had no effect.

Can anyone tell me how to connect an alternate antenna to a radio in the dashboard? I have one that could plug in, if I just knew how to get to the radio, and it had an input for an antenna.

You might be able to find some help on YouTube about removing the radio from the dash by doing a search.

A lot of problems like this are caused by poor antenna grounding.

Well, thanks very much everyone! That has been a lot of good information.