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Radio reception

I have a 2006 Subaru Outback, and for the last year my radio reception has been in the toilet! I get lots of static, and I haven’t driven but 20 miles. Up until then I did not have a problem, so it seems to me that a wire got knocked loose. I’ve taken it to an independent car maintenance place and the dealer and neither could figure it out. any ideas??

The problem is most likely due to a bad antenna connection or the antenna grounding. The radio itself could also be the problem. Does the trouble happen to both AM and FM sections? If so that would tend to the antenna as the trouble. Another possible trouble is the static is being generated but something on the car. Does the problem happen if you have the radio on with the key turned to the accessory mode? If the problem clears then the noise source needs to be tracked down but a bad antenna ground problem needs to be ruled out first.

Some radio systems use a amplifier in the antenna circuit but I don’t think your vehicle does as far as I know anyways.

You could try connecting the radio to another antenna as a test to see what happens.

Try a place that specializes in car Audio systems.