State Farm is refusing to write new policies for Hyundai & Kia owners

… in Louisiana, and–possibly–also in Georgia, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

Uh, don’t use State Farm?

How long do you think it will be until at least a few other insurance companies follow suit?

I’d like them to raise the duductible for comp to $5000!

If they stop selling comp to these cities where the police won’t set up sting operations nor will they do real police work and put car thieves in jail, then maybe people will actually do something about their crime problem.

How many times have you heard someone say that it doesn’t matter because their insurance will cover it?

Seems like in that situation insurance companies could insure those cars for all the other stuff, just exclude theft. Maybe state insurance laws say all policies must include theft, and only option insurance companies have is to exclude those cars from all coverage, or raise premiums to an embarrassing price.

I had a health insurance problem like that years ago. Prior knee problem, insurance company says they won’t issue me a policy. Knee problem already resolved, so I ask them to issue policy without knee coverage. They say they can’t do that b/c of Calif state law. Worked out ok in the long run, crossed fingers, and went without any health insurance at all until Medicare kicked in. Saved a bundle.

In Maryland you have to have insurance before the state will give you license plates and a registration. It would be a shame to buy a Hyundai or Kia and find out in the dealership that your insurer won’t touch it. The state does have insurance for people that can’t get it any other way, expensive of course.

That is the same way my state is.

Surely that’s just liability that is required to get plates on the vehicle. Theft would be comprehensive coverage. The article doesn’t say what kind of insurance they can’t get, but it must be comp or full. These are late model cars that are typically purchased with credit and require full insurance.

Would a hidden switch disabling the ignition circuit work?
Manyears ago I helped a friend wire his Corvette so thathe parking lights had to be on to starthengine.

You’d have to PROVE it to the insurance company that it works and can’t be disabled. Not an easy task to do. And corporate probably won’t allow it.

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Most likely the insurance would only approve such a thing if a recognized company did the installation of a proven security product.

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