Not a good year for Hyundai & Kia

This time, it’s the Hyundai Santa Fe & Santa Cruz and the Kia Carnival that are being recalled, due to fire risk:

It’s only a matter of time before homeowners insurance is going to void fires from cars, etc. parked inside. They can certainly do it. I already had to remove a tree too close to the house.

Also most of the pre 2021 models are being stolen in record numbers around the country due to some video someone put online on how easy to steal them because earlier ones had no immobilizer function . Just in our mid sized city there have been over 200 stolen since Jan 1 .

That sad fact has already been covered–extensively–in other threads:


Yeah two sides to the story. State Farm is a mutual insurance company which means profit and loss is shared among the members. Protecting members from extra ordinary losses would be expected. The other issue is that it could affect umbrella coverage. They don’t cover floods either or home office issues without separate riders, and rates for various cars have always been different based on loss rates. Another case where the lowest cost may not be the least expensive.

The tendency among many people for a race to the bottom regarding rates may not be a wise move in the long run.

My insurance company (NJM) is known for its fiscal stability, excellent customer service, and a very good record of paying claims. I could probably find another insurance company with somewhat lower rates, but… At what ultimate cost when I have to file a claim?