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After I refuel my 06 Passat, the car will not readily restart. It cranks, sputters and dies. After the third or fourth try, it restarts and runs fine. The check engine light will either not come on or come on the next day while running correctly. Diagnostics repeatedly show random misfire. No kidding! No one knows what to do. I’ve even taken technicians with me to refuel. What do I do? I love this car, but I can’t go on much longer! Help!

What did the technicians have to say?

Been out of town, but the techs think I need to replace all the fuel injectors. This doesn’t sound right to me because it runs fine most of the time.

I agree. In any event, fuel injectors can be tested, and guessing is not part of the test.

I think the problem is more likely in the fuel vapor recovery system. When you fuel up, do you top off the tank, or do you stop filling when the nozzle shuts off?

I don’t top off but I do let the pump shut off automatically. Your suggestion made me think to try something. I tried just filling half full and it started right up. The other thing that happens is that if the car sits for a long time(like at the airport parking), it starts up rough and then smooths out. Should I just take it in and ask them to check out the vapor recovery system?

I wouldn’t take the car to the dealer unless the check engine light comes on. Parts for the vapor recovery system tend to be rather expensive, and there’s no guarantee that’s where the problem is. If this were my car I’d try to avoid filling the tank all the way and live with it. Unless it gets worse.

Got it! I find that no one else can work on these new VWs because they make it so proprietary. That, I don’t like, but the way the car handles, I love. Thanks for your help!