1999 Volkswagen Passat



I have a 99 VW Passat V6 with 61,000 miles that runs well with the following exception - everytime i refuel, when i try to start the car, the engine turns over for an extended period before finally starting. It then runs sluggishly for 30 seconds or so, sometimes dying in the process, and then runs fine. It starts without hesitation at all other times. This only occurs right after refueling regardles of the amount of gas in the tank or engine temperature. I always use premium fuel per specifications.

Next time try turning it on and waiting 5-10 seconds, then switch off and on again and this time try starting it.


It sounds like you are flooding the evaporative emissions system, either due to over-filling or a faulty system. Do you top off the tank to get that last possible ounce of gas into the tank?


good point! do not top off your tank.


This is a very common problem with these cars. You need to replace the EVAP purge valve. It’s an easy and cheap repair.


I have topped off the tank in the past and suspected that may be the problem, so I did not top off the last two times that I filled up, but the problem still occurred.


Is this something that I can do myself? If so, where is the EVAP purge valve?


might be too late now…you already fouled up the EES.


Can it be repaired by replacing the EVAP purge valve as mrbean suggests below?