Startup Message

The startup message is annoying. There is an icon on the screen called CONTINUE but nothing happens when I press it. Does anyone know if there is a way to bypass this message? I already know not to text & drive so being reminded of it 20 times a day is irritating. Thank you.

You might post this in a Prius forum, mores likely someone has dealt with it. What year? Are you the original owner? Has it always done this?

sorry - thought it was Prius group; 2019 original owner & has always done it. My husband’s 2016 has the same thing but when you press CONTINUE it will dismiss the message.

What does your owners manual and/or dealership say about this?

Haven’t asked yet; it’s due to go in for service in June & can ask then but I thought someone might have run into this.

Yes welcome to the US of A where we all must be protected from ourselves. I noticed this first on a rental Jeep a few years ago and thought it was the rental company making sure I agreed to follow all traffic laws. Then I’ve actually got it on my Acura. I just ignore it and it goes away in about 5 seconds. I don’t know how you would disable the thing. There must be a 14 year old out there though that could hack into the software and change the message. I used to be able to program the messages on my Riviera myself and would program Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and so on, but not anymore. These car companies have lost their sense of humor.

You and your husband both have 4th gen prii, so I don’t know why the displays would be different, assuming you both have the 11.6 in screens. My 2019 start up message lasts about 3-4seconds, which is too quick to bother me, let alone cause me to hit the continue. If the display lasts much longer, perhaps you need to make sure that the next screen is vital enough to shut the intro down; mine goes to the navigation map. I looked thru the owners manual, but I didn’t see the opening message mentioned. Its probably Federally mandated so that it can’t be turned off. :wink: