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Answer for a caller

I just came across this wesite. I heard a question in May that I immediately new the answer to, but the guys didn’t. If this has already been posted, sorry.

A caller said they have a Prius and sometimes they can’t get it to start. The car turns on but it doesn’t start.

I work at a camp that leases many vehicles for the summer, several of them are Prii. I’m responsible for the vehicles and assigning different drivers so I’ve encountered the problem often. I have also helped a random person with a different vehicle but the same problem.

It is the keyless ignition. When you start the vehicle, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BRAKE PUSHED ALL THE WAY DOWN. Otherwise, it puts the ignition in the"on" mode, like you’re listening to the radio. If you notice, the light around the start button turns red.

Simply turn the vehicle off again, push the brake down, and press start.

Love the Show.