1995 Subaru Impreza stalling randomly

My Subaru runs fine when parked and driving at any speed…but every 40-60 miles it just stalls randomly (ie losing RPMs and accelerator petal will not rev it up). The electrical power stays on and after a minute I can usually restart it and go for a while before it will putter out again. We replaced fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, and checked all fuses and vacuum hoses. One mechanic said they ran a diagnostic and said everything was fine…please offer any more suggestions! Is it electrical? Should we spend the $$ with another mechanic to get another diagnostic?

I suggest you try replacing the fuel pump relay. To confirm this is a fuel problem you could carry some starter fluid with you and spray some into the intake when the trouble occurs again. Hopefully a new relay will fix this problem though. If spraying some starter fluid into the intake doesn’t help get the engine running then the ignition system is suspect.

Thanks cougar…

My understanding is that the fuel pump relay is in a hard to get to spot under the driver’s side dash is that correct? Also, is this something I have to have a mechanic do?

I picked up an OBD II scanner and it appears that there is no DLC in this model of 95 subaru although the sales guy at Autozone swore it would work even though it is a 95 (not 96) is there a weird place where it is located that I cannot see (ie cannot find the right connection next to the steering column…)

IT was the Ignition coil…thanks!