Subaru legacy not starting, need advice

Hello all,

Last week my 94 subaru legacy started giving me problems, At first it would putter out when I would go into reverse. A day or two after it was puttering out in reverse it started to putter out 5-10 secs after it had been started. Even faster when i would give it some gas. A few people had told me to replace the fuel filter and I decided to do so because I was hoping for a cheap easy fix, but sure enough it didn’t change a thing. I am around the time i should get the timing belt replaced, could that be that issue here? Or maybe the fuel pump, or fuel relay? Anyways I am working in Colorado where there isn’t a mechanic shop around for at least 30 miles, and am not in a rush to fix it. Obviously the sooner the better but id rather try a few more things before I take it in. So any suggestions that you have I would greatly appreciate it Thanks.

I have the 2.2L engine SOHC
Also I have been driving on dirt roads quite frequently if that helps

As of right now the car won’t turn over anymore

Just to make sure we have our terminology straight: the car’s starter doesn’t do anything when you turn the key? Is the battery charged?

Is the check engine light on?

Yeah should have mentioned that, Starter works, Batterty definitely charged and 3/4 tank of gas.

Does it seem like it wants to start if you squirt some starter fluid in the air intake?
Do you smell gas when you first open the hood?
Does it want to start when you floor the gas pedal?

It doesn’t really seem like it wants to start, starter sounds fine but something just seems like it’s missing from the equation. No gas smell when i open the hood. Pressing the gas petal while starting hasn’t changed the sound either or made it feel like its about to turn over unfortunately.

Squirt some starter fluid in the intake and see if it coughs like it wants to start.

Edit: If you turn the key to the position right before the starting position, do you hear a whirring sound coming from the gas tank area? It should last about a second or so and then stop.

I know the older boxxy Subbaru wagons had external fuel pumps near the passenger side rear of the car. I got one for free one time, and it was leaking bad. a $20 trip to the junk yard later and 20 min under it and the car was running great, and continued to do so untill the CV joints went from click a click a click, to crunch a crunch a crunch a…LOL

nice thats a good idea ragtop i’ll have to check out a junk yard if it comes down to the fuel pump for sure. I’ll go check for that whirring sound too

I did hear thar whirring sound when I turn the key, also it was starting for maybe 10 secs yesterday still dies when I give it gas though or attempt to, maybe it’s not getting gas. Really not too sure here whats going obviously haha

I’d check for vacuum leaks first. The EGR and PCV valves would be a good places to start. Once you get it started, spray some WD40 or starting fluid near some of the vacuum hoses. If the idle is affected, investigate that area.

You have the classic symtoms of a bad fuel pump and it sounds like it needs to be replaced. To prove it you can spray a small amount of starter fluid into the intake and see if that helps make the engine run. You spray in small shots to keep it running. If that trick works then you have pretty much proven the fuel pump has a problem. With the age of the car it isn’t really suprising the pump needs to be replaced.