Starting problem



Starting when the weather got cold car would not start on the first try. It would start on 2’nd or third try by gunning it to keep it running. After starting it ran fine.


That sounds like a possible fuel delivery fault.

Dirty fuel filter, worn pump, leaking fuel pressure regulator.


What year Acura and how many miles? Any prior problems?


May be a dumb question buy how did you know he has a Acura?


Its in the Tag line - look below the message. A while back a “make & model” thing was added to the question submission process. It shows up in the “Tags”


Pumping the gas pedal does NOT pump additional gasoline into the engine, as it did in days of yore.
Try this: turn the ignition key to RUN for two seconds, OFF, to RUN for two seconds, OFF, and to START. Let us know the results.
PS, what size, and number of cylinders in your Acura.


It is 4 cylinder, don’t know the displacement until I look at owners manual.


This: “gunning it to keep it running” suggests that it would actually run but then stall out immediately? If so, then you may have an inoperative idle air control (IAC) valve. Its job is to regulate the amount of air that goes into the intake at idle (with the throttle closed). If opening the throttle keeps the car running that would be because your opening of the throttle allows air in instead.

An IAC may be inoperative b/c it is gunked up and sticking, its motor is bad, or its wiring is bad. They can be cleaned pretty easily and the wiring can be checked.

Of course, that’s only if it actually runs very briefly and stalls out. If not, then the gunning of the throttle is probably coincidental.