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Balky Acura

My girlfriend drives a 1993 Acura Integra with approx. 150,000 miles. She has kept up religiously with servicing both at the Acura dealer and a local respected auto shop. Over the past few years she has had a problem with the car not starting. It seems this happens more often in the hot, muggy weather(we live on the east coast) or if the car has been left out overnight(it usually is garaged). Sometimes the car won’t start if she has turned off the ignition for a short time and then tried to restart. No one has been able to diagnose the problem yet. Fortunately, if she waits the car will usually start up. This can be a problem because it never seems to act up in the shop. Sort of like Nellie Bell(we’re in our 60’s, old tv show reference) Any ideas on what the problem may be. Oh, she says that when the car won’t start the S3 light on the dash(transmission) goes on but I don’t think that has anything to do with the problem but she wanted me to mention it.

What happens when she turns the key? a.)Nothing b.) a Click sound c.) it cranks and cranks but just won’t start?

Cranks and cranks but just won’t start.

I suspect it’s her main fuel relay. If there’s a bad solder join, heat can make it expand to where it’s not making contact. Moisture can also create problems, such as the dew that would collect if you leave it out overnight. Hondas of that generation are known to have issues with the main relay from time to time.

Here’s a pretty good site that shows you how to verify it’s the main relay, and how to get at it and replace it, complete with pictures:

It’s a pretty easy job that’s more time consuming than difficult, which means if you do it you’ll save several hundred bucks.

Thanks, I’ll check it out this weekend.

Car wouldn’t start Saturday then again on Sunday. Replaced the main relay as you suggested and so far so good. The weather has been muggy and warm yet the car still started. Thanks for the advice.

Excellent! Glad it seems to be working for you :slight_smile: