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90 Integra starting issues

My '90 Accura Integra currently won’t start. The first encounter I had with this problem is it was running and then died while driving a short distance. It resarted once after several tries, but immediately died again, and will not start since then. (Also it would randomly not restart until several tries after refueling.) I have relieved the fuel pressure thinking it might have been the fuel filter. I never did change the filter, and now when I tried to start it, seems to be that no fuel is reaching the engine at all. As before it was always about to start but would not fully turn over. Could it be just a fuel pressure regulator, or a fuel pump.

The first thing I’d check for is fuel pump operation.

Remove the gas cap. Place your ear next to the fill neck. Have someone turn the ignition switch to the run position so the dash lights come on. You should hear the fuel pump run for a second or two and then shut off. If you don’t hear this, there’s a problem in the fuel pump circuit.


Fuel pump relay perhaps.