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Starting problem

'96 Toy Cam (2.2) 71K miles:

intermittent starting problem (in shop 3 times for it, once towed). Wasn’t the battery; wasn’t the distributor/cap; (3rd trip), mechanic said engine flooded & replaced seals…somewhere (wasn’t charged for it & no paperwork).

-low idle (heavy vib up front)

-usually doesn’t respond to more gas or putters out before I can hit gas

-cold or warm engine

-engine cuts out instantly/dead when ignition turned off

-no warning lights on dash

-mechanic says computer does not indicate any problem when diagnostic run

Is there such a thing as a ‘high idle’ adjustment?

Any one recognize the problem?


From your description of the problem it sounds like the trouble may be with the ignition. I think the ignitors can cause this kind of trouble. It would really help to know if the ignition system was working when the trouble was occuring. If the ignition was ok then perhaps the fuel system should be looked at. The fuel pump relay would be my first check.

The “engine flooded” symptom directs me to a injector that wont hold pressure.